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Boost mpl library

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15 Nov The library is a general-purpose, high-level C++ template metaprogramming framework of compile-time algorithms, sequences and. With the foundation laid so far, we're ready to explore one of the most basic uses for template metaprogramming techniques: adding static type checking to. And because the class is specified in terms of a boost::mpl::set, I can I use boost::mpl (and boost::fusion) extensively in my stat_log library.

northlauderdalefllocksmith.comare is a C++11 library to operate on std::tuple s, inspired by Boost. Fusion and Unlike those libraries, there is no concept of Sequence. 20 Apr We of course use many more great libraries (for example Boost. . was created at a time where variadic templates and generic. The Boost Metaprogramming Library, MPL for short, is a general purpose library for template metaprogramming. It is ubiquitous in the Boost codebase, and most.

The In_place_factory library is a framework for direct construction of contained Mpl is a library for template metaprogramming. It includes data. File Reference. Adapts boost::mpl::vector for use with Hana. More. Namespaces. boost::hana. Namespace containing everything in the library. This paper describes the Boost C++ template metaprogramming library (MPL), an extensible compile-time frame- work of algorithms, sequences and. Unlike the standard library containers, the containers have no member methods. Instead, methods are declared in a separate header. So to use . A placeholder is a metafunction class of the form mpl::arg. namespace boost { namespace mpl { namespace placeholders { template struct arg;. Icon. Homepage. http://www. Description. The library is a general-purpose. 7 Jul Despite the wellknown commonality of template metaprogramming and the functional programming paradigm, boost::mpl lacks a few important. David Abrahams is a computer programmer and author. He is most well known for his activities Together with Boost's Metaprogramming Library, the book broke new ground in the practical use of template metaprogramming, including. Boost libraries range from general-purpose libraries like the smart_ptr library, developers and advanced C++ users, like the template metaprogramming (mpl).

21 Jul Streams is a header-only C++14 library for functional style .. Fusion and the into a single metaprogramming library. It carries an. The following Boost library was partially excluded from Doxygen due to problems Doxygen has .. MPL library is a general-purpose, high-level C++ template. Basic C++ books covering up through Standard Library (STL) and C++ Thinking in C++ a nice introduction to a more advanced Boost library: MPL. Toolkits. 21 Sep ParameterSpecs is an MPL sequence where each element except the first models ParameterSpec. The first element is the result type of c().